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Dock’s 2023 Year in Review

January 11, 2024

2023 was a remarkable year at Dock as we gained more customers in various industries, made huge developments in our technology, and expanded our team. In the fast-paced world of digital identity and verifiable credentials, Dock has been a driving force of innovation and growth. Each new partnership has been a testament to our platform's versatility, our ability to tailor solutions to unique industry needs, and to incorporate feedback from our customers. 

We've expanded our team with top-performers who are dedicated to serving our clients better and increasing adoption of our solutions. Dock is well positioned to accommodate the growing demand for verifiable credential and reusable identity technology that has largely been driven by increased regulations and government-led digital identity initiatives

We’ll go over the highlights of the year, our achievements, and what we’re focusing on in 2024. 

Growth and Adoption

We are seeing significant adoption by providers of identity solutions that want to embed our verifiable credential technology inside their offerings. In addition to identity providers that serve the cryptocurrency and Web3 space, we are thrilled by the enthusiasm of traditional identity businesses that recognize the transformative impact that our platform delivers.

During 2023, the number of trials in our platform increased around 84%!

Our upcoming feature launches in 2024 will further enable Dock to excel at helping our customers adapt in these evolving markets.

Expanded Dock Team 

In order to better serve our existing customers with robust solutions, prompt support, and increase adoption, we’ve expanded our team and welcomed: 

We are also excited to welcome a talented Sales Development Representative to our team in January who will increase our outreach to new sectors.

New Collaborations

Our customers work in various industries around the world including health and safety, education, and IT. They are located in South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, and the US. 

Here are some of the collaboration announcements that you might have missed:

1) Polygon and Dock collaborate to simplify verifiable credential issuance

2) Appruvr integrates Dock to empower organizations to verify credentials instantly

3) Certs API is available on Rapid’s marketplace

On March 30, the Certs API became available on Rapid, the world’s largest API Hub where over 4 million developers find, test, and connect to tens of thousands of APIs with a single account. 

Roadmap Updates

Over the four years that we’ve tracked our work, we’ve brought features from the public blockchain layer into our commercial products so that they can be easily adopted by our customers. We’ve also built additional application-level features to help our customers deploy complete solutions for their business problems. 

Dock Platform Releases and Completed Milestones

You’ve probably noticed a number of tweaks to Dock Certs and the Dock Wallet to make them easier to use, including new notification areas, the use of more consistent terminology (such as “Schemas” instead of “Credential Templates”), and the addition of a product tour to introduce new users to the platform’s features. We’ve also made it easy to toggle Dock Certs and Dock Wallet between the Dock Testnet and Mainnet to make it easier to develop proofs of concept and demos.

Here are all of the groundbreaking features our engineering team shipped in 2023:

Dock Wallet and Wallet SDK

Dock Certs Web App

Certs API 

  • Sub-accounts allow solution providers to provide access to Dock’s API for their customers while preserving security, data segregation, and easy user management.
  • On the API level, we’ve enabled privacy-preserving credentials that leverage BBS+ signatures to support selective disclosure and zero-knowledge range proofs. These credentials will also soon be available in Dock Certs and the Dock Wallet. 
  • StatusList2021 will soon become the default method for revoking our standard credentials in a standards-compliant manner. We are in the process of enabling it for our other credential types. Not only is StatusList revocation more interoperable, it is also cheaper for bulk updates. However, our previous approach will remain available through the API because it is cheaper for users who are doing individual revocations. 

Dock Blockchain


2024 Priorities

Our feature set is now complete enough to meet the requirements of most identity projects. So as we enter a new year, we will be increasing our focus on the deployment needs of our largest customers who are in regulated environments. This will require lots of behind-the-scenes infrastructure and process improvements to prove our scalability and reliability. We will also continue refining our interfaces, SDKs, and APIs based on what we learn in these deployments.

This change in emphasis will impact some of these items we previously listed on our public roadmap:

  • We’ll be postponing delegatable credentials, traceable credentials, and circom proofs until they are needed by one of our deployments. 
  • We have also decided to pause our work on an Ethereum bridge, as recent hacks of bridges between blockchains cause us to reevaluate the risk to our token security. We will revisit all of these features as we see demand for them in the future.

This adjustment in our priorities will allow our team to tackle some new features that we are excited to talk about  in January. Be sure to check back for updates! Our plans for 2024 should make it Dock’s best year ever!


We’ve met so many amazing thought leaders and builders in the industry at these events:

We plan to attend more events in 2024. 

Media Publications and Podcasts

Dock’s Identi3 podcast

Our podcast is an excellent way to stay up to date on developments and trends in the fascinating world of digital identity, data security, and privacy. 

Here are some of the incredible guests who we’ve spoken with this year:

Connect With Us

As we look forward to the coming year, our consistent dedication to innovation remains as strong as ever. Building on the great momentum we’ve created in 2023, we plan to continue pushing the boundaries of technological advancement. 

Our focus will be on not just enhancing the features of our platform, but also on pioneering new functionalities that anticipate and meet the evolving needs of our clients and the market. The goal is to make our platform not just a tool but an integral component in the digital identity and credential ecosystem.

Feel free to reach out at with any questions or feedback. Together, let's shape a more connected and secure digital future.

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