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Meet Yusuf, Dock's Community Manager

December 8, 2023

Yusuf Tigli first worked in the video games industry before transitioning into NFTs. He is proficient in managing large communities and organizing engaging online events. As Dock’s Community Manager, he applies his experiences to foster a positive and vibrant environment.

He has an innate curiosity that led him to appreciate emerging technologies with a particular fascination for the transformative potential of the internet. This interest led him into the world of Web3 through the exploration of NFTs. As he learned more about the space, his journey led him to Dock. 

Why he Joined Dock

“Discovering the advanced technology of Dock really got me excited. When I thought about how it could be used, I saw a strong solution to the ongoing problems with verifying things in different industries. 

The idea that Dock could make this complicated part of life easier caught my attention right away. I’m very keen to witness how verifiable credentials technology will be adopted in the coming years. I am happy that I am able to work in a position where I meet with new people in the community and answer their questions about Dock every day.”

For Fun

Outside of work, Yusuf loves connecting with people from different cultures, immersing himself in books and movies about history, and participating in community events. His passion for football as a player and fan stems from experience of football being a way to connect with family and friends, many of whom have a shared bond to  support their childhood team.

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