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All plans include with verifiable data

API transactions

Build blockchain credentialing into your application with Dock’s simple, easy-to-use API

Create identity

Generate decentralized identities (DIDs) to authenticate verifiable credentials

Issue credentials

Create and send W3C compliant verifiable credentials in JSON format

Create schemas (templates)

Specify the structure of credentials using the JSON schema standard

Revoke credentials

Revoke credentials when they need to be updated, expire, or are no longer valid

Anchor credentials

Record that a credential was issued on the Dock blockchain with a timestamp

Slack support

Receive assistance from the Dock support team for integrating and using the Dock API

Email support

Contact our support team to receive email support with any questions or issues


Dock is fortunate to be working with and supporting these partners every step of the way.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I exceed my transaction quota?

If you submit more API transactions than are included in your plan, you will be charged a small overage fee of $0.30 per each additional API transaction until your plan renews for the next month. We will notify you by email when you are close to reaching your API transaction limit with the option to upgrade to the next plan.

Do I get 50 transactions per month on the free trial?

No. The free account is intended to give you a flavour of what to expect and to enable you to test drive Dock and therefore the 50 transactions is what you receive for the lifetime of the free account.

What is priority support?

Dock will support all our users across multiple channels, but those on our Enterprise plan will be prioritised over the Standard tier, while those on the Standard tier will be supported before those on the Free plan.

What are transactions?

The following API transactions are considered billable and usage of these API transactions is based on the amount included in your subscription tier:
  • Create DID
  • Update DID
  • Delete DID
  • Issue credential
  • Create registry
  • Delete registry
  • Remove/unrevoke credential
  • Create schema
  •  Create anchor

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