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Instantly verify your users’ identity

Automatically request Reusable Digital ID credentials from your users and receive immediate and reliable confirmation of their authenticity. Streamline your verification process, reduce data verification costs, eliminate manual checks, and accelerate user onboarding experience.
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Verify Reusable IDs via Web App or API

With a simple scan using their wallets, users instantly confirm the authenticity of their credentials, ensuring a seamless, automated, and reliable verification process.

Set up Verification Request Templates with the data you need to request.
Create Verification QR Codes.
Enable Wallet-to-Wallet verification.
Share the Verification QR Code via URL.
Allow for Zero-Knowledge Proof verification.

One Scan to Verify

Wallet-to-Wallet verification

Verifiers can import the Verification QR Code to their wallets to enable Wallet-to-Wallet Verification. Users can scan the Verification QR Code directly from the Verifier’s wallet, and the Verifier will receive immediate confirmation of the Credential’s authenticity.

Verify on the web

Display the Verification QR Code on the web using a URL that users can scan with their ID Wallets.

Verification with privacy and security

Data privacy and security are more important than ever to ensure compliance and reduce liabilities. That’s why Dock’s instant verification process includes the most advanced privacy features.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs

When submitting a Reusable ID credential for verification, users can prove something about themselves without revealing the data contained in the credential. For example, a user can prove she is over 18 without revealing her birthdate or age. Dock enables this through a cryptographic technique called Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Selective Disclosure

When users submit a Reusable ID credential for verification, they can share one attribute in the credential without submitting the entire credential. For example, a student could share the name of his university from his Student Card without sharing his name or student number.

Data Minimisation

Regulations such as GDPR require the minimization of data processing. This means that organizations are obligated to only use, collect, or access data necessary for the intended operation. Through the use of privacy-preserving techniques such as Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Selective Disclosure, you'll be able to access only the minimum data necessary from your users. Ensuring you're compliant with data regulations and reducing the risk of potential data breaches.

Data Portability

Reusable ID credentials issued through Dock are portable. Dock's technology is built on W3C open standards such as Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers. This ensures that users can store their credentials on any digital wallet that adheres to these standards and that any stakeholder, wherever they are in the world, can verify the authenticity of the data as long as their verification system adheres to these standards.

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Dock is far easier to use than many of the existing tools out there. It can deploy very quickly and it will be very easy for our developers to use the tool.

Amber Hartley
Chief Strategy Officer, BurstIQ
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Create your first Reusable Digital ID today

Turn verified ID data into Reusable Digital ID Credentials, instantly verify their authenticity and get paid when they are verified by third parties.