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Integrate an ID Wallet into your app

Build ID Wallet capabilities inside your existing app with Dock’s powerful Wallet SDK, enabling users to effortlessly store, manage and share their Reusable Digital ID credentials without having to download an extra app.
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Put users in control of their data

Dock’s Wallet React Native SDK is built with composable feature sets, meaning you can turn on only the features you need.

Receive and manage Reusable Digital ID credentials.
Scan Verification QR Codes and present credentials for verification.
Privately verify credentials using Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Selective Disclosure.
Create and manage Decentralized Identifiers (W3C compliant).
Enable Verifier Mode to verify credentials from others users’ wallets.
Turn on biometric security.

White Label ID Wallet

If you don’t have an existing app, Dock’s White Label ID Wallet is the best option when development speed is a priority. It’s a ready-made, tested solution that saves you the time and money of building a wallet from scratch.

Customize it with your brand identity.
Only activate the features you need (composable feature sets).
Manage your own App Store profile and relationships with users.
Automatic wallet updates for easier maintenance.

Users' data is private and secure

Embodying the core principles of privacy, Dock's ID Wallet technology is inherently engineered to safeguard your users' data.
Users’ data is securely stored on their local devices.
Password or biometric unlock.
Data is encrypted at rest.
Backup data to GDrive, iCloud, Box and others.
Credentials and Verification Requests can only be decrypted by the DID owner.
Users can create as many DIDs as they want to avoid correlation.

Create your first Reusable Digital ID today

Turn verified ID data into Reusable Digital ID Credentials, instantly verify their authenticity and get paid when they are verified by third parties.