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Reduce Friction Without Sacrificing Security

Dock’s Platform lets you package biometric and verified identity data into a reusable, fraud-resistant, and instantly Verifiable Credential. Offer your clients the cutting-edge advantage of digital ID verification that streamlines their processes without compromising security.

Verification: Faster And More Efficient

In the past, biometric data could only be tied to a device, making it hard to integrate it with other ID data in a secure and privacy-preserving way. Until now. Using Dock’s Platform, you can create Biometric-bound Verifiable Credentials that combine biometric and verified ID data with utmost privacy and security.

Future-Proof ID Verification

Empower your clients with digital ID Verification, replacing slow and expensive verification processes.

Optimized User Experience

Elevate your clients' UX, allowing their customers to transact at unprecedented speeds.

Enhanced Data Security

Minimize both your and your clients' exposure to personally identifiable information, ensuring peace of mind for all.

Privacy and Security Without Friction

With Verifiable Credentials, data protection meets seamless operations, ensuring that sensitive information remains uncompromised while streamlining your processes.

Storage-Free Verification

Verifiable Credentials enable verification of ID data without storing or managing it. Reducing your and your clients' exposure to PII and its associated risks and overheads.

Tamper-Proof Credentials

Our biometric-bound verifiable credentials come with a cryptographic signature, allowing stakeholders to detect any data tampering instantly.

Customer-Controlled Data Sharing

Empower end-users with consent-based data sharing, all underpinned by the robust security of Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

Capture New Markets Through Better UX

In today's digital world, many businesses crave effortless end-customer verification solutions, especially as they navigate evolving regulatory demands and modern challenges like bots and AI. With their inherent friction, traditional KYC methods have long been a bottleneck. Through Digital Reusable ID and Verifiable Credentials, you'll unlock the doors to a vast market desiring a seamless yet secure verification experience.

Dock's Platform

Issue Verifiable Credentials

Create Verifiable Credentials through Dock’s Web App or API. Dock's API easily integrates with your existing systems, working in the background to make your data impossible to fake or manipulate - even after it leaves your system.

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Instant Verification

Create Verification Requests on Dock’s Platform and send Verification QR Codes to your users. They’ll scan them with their Digital ID Wallet apps and choose which Credentials to share with you. You’ll receive instant confirmation of the Credentials’ authenticity.

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Integrate an ID Wallet in your app

Leverage Dock's powerful Mobile SDK to seamlessly integrate Digital ID Wallet capabilities into your existing application. End-customers can securely store and manage their Verifiable Credentials right within your app. Tap into the full potential of Verifiable Credentials technology without burdening your end-customers with downloading a standalone wallet app.

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Dock Blockchain

Use innovative blockchain technology for instant Credential Verification. The blockchain acts as an immutable registry of all Credential issuers. This ensures that Verifiable Credentials are always available for verification without ever needing to contact the issuers.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Combine compliance with data privacy. When submitting a Credential for verification, your users can prove something about themselves without revealing the data that backs up the proof. For example, a user can prove she is over 18 without showing her birthdate or age.


Make your data portable. Dock's technology is built on W3C open standards such as Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers. This ensures that users can store their Credentials on any digital wallet that adheres to these standards and that any stakeholder, wherever they are in the world, can verify the authenticity of the data.

Leverage a Trust Registry

Dock’s Trust Registry makes it easy for a verifier to know who the credential issuer is, if they are real, and whether they should be trusted. It’s essentially a public repository or database of identity verification elements and the trusted entities, such as issuers and verifiers, associated with them. By maintaining this registry and making it publicly accessible, the decentralized identity system can provide a high level of trust and security, while still respecting users' privacy and control over their own data. The Trust Registry acts as a vital tool for decentralized trust.

Create your first Reusable Digital ID today

Turn verified ID data into Reusable Digital ID Credentials, instantly verify their authenticity and get paid when they are verified by third parties.