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Redefining TRUST Through Verified Data

In 2017, Dock was established to solve the problems inherent in existing data solutions. We are a Verifiable Credentials company that provides Dock Certs, a user-friendly, no-code platform, a developer solution that enable organizations to issue, manage and verify fraud-proof credentials efficiently, securely, and at a lower cost.

Dock allows organizations and individuals to create and share verified data. We do this for organizations in diverse sectors including health and safety, governments, workforce, education, supply chain, and Web3.

The Dock Mission

Today, vast amounts of data are online and new information is being added at an estimated rate of 1.145 trillion MB every day! However, so much of this information is unverified, meaning that the originating source of the data is unknown and therefore it isn’t possible to know if it is trustworthy and reputable. Dock was created to address this problem and use cutting-edge technology to ensure the data source can be known and guaranteed (verified). In essence, Dock empowers lives through verifiable data by enabling organizations and individuals to create and share verified data.

Problems with Data Management and Digital Identity

Physical and digital documents are easy to forge and this is a growing problem around the world. Certificate fraud can cause injuries, company liabilities, and even death when unqualified people work in fields such as medicine or engineering. Fake diplomas alone are a billion-dollar industry and supply chain fraud is rampant. Centralized recordkeeping and old systems make it easy for data manipulation without anyone else knowing.

With centralized and federated digital identity systems (like using a Google account to sign in), people don’t fully own and control their identities and their information is vulnerable to privacy breaches. People’s data is often shared to other parties without their knowledge and someone’s user account can be removed by the provider anytime.

The Solution - Verifiable Credentials with Dock

Dock can solve all of these problems with game-changing Verifiable Credentials and decentralized identity technology. We enable organizations to efficiently issue fraud-proof Verifiable Credentials and to confirm their validity instantly. Dock Certs provides a user-friendly, intuitive, and no-code platform to make it easy to issue, verify, revoke, and manage Verifiable Credentials. The Certs API allows companies to issue Verifiable Credentials from their existing system and allows easy integration for developers.

Individuals can fully own and control their digital identity by using decentralized identifiers (DIDs). DIDs allow individuals to securely manage and share their verified data while preventing data tracking. No party can take away their DIDs.

The Dock Evolution

We originally built solutions for developers and technical teams to issue Verifiable Credentials from their own applications with Certs API. But we kept getting requests from organizations with little to no technical resources to have a no-code solution to issue Verifiable Credentials, which is why we created Dock Certs. We are continuously adding features to the Dock Wallet app, Dock Certs, and Certs API to provide more capabilities and smoother integrations.

Dock Association

A Swiss non-profit Association dedicated to overseeing the network’s roadmap, establishing and providing ongoing governance, overseeing the promotion of the network and also driving its adoption.

Dock Labs

The team behind Dock is working on developing the technology and driving marketing, business development and operations to fulfill Dock’s vision. We are a fully distributed team united on a mission.

Meet our Team

Building for the World a Wide range of tools that will revolutionize the Web, we are a team of geeks, thinkers, creators, and inventors with a shared passion for building for Web3. 

Nick Lambert

Nick has been working in the blockchain industry since 2011 and was the COO of one of the earliest companies working in the Blockchain space, MaidSafe. During that time, he managed the fastest crowdfund in history (at the time).  He has a wealth of expertise in marketing, cryptocurrencies, distributed networks, and establishing collaborating initiatives for open-source communities.

Nick loves Star Wars, Thai food, and playing golf.

“Web 3's biggest benefit is to provide the user with complete control over their own data”

Elina Cadouri

Elina has been a multi-time founder with a focus on operating and growing data-driven labor marketplaces. Elina previously founded and led the teams of which grew to several million dollars in annual revenue before merging with another organization. She also founded one of the fastest-growing remote work platforms in the world,

When she is not working, she likes to travel and cook.

“As we transition to Web3, Dock is at the forefront of aligning identity privacy, control, and individual ownership.”

Lovesh Harchandani
Lead Developer
Francisco Baptista
Head of Content
Mike Parkhill
Head of Engineering
Adil Javed
Project Manager
Sam Hellawell
Core Developer
Maycon Mellos
Core Developer
Oleg Nosov
Senior Software Engineer [Rust]
Rey Alejandro
Lead Designer
Euan Miller
Sales Manager
Johnson Tinuoye
Software Engineer
Agne Caunt
Head of Customer Success
Robert Vintilă
Software Developer
Richard Esplin
Head of Product
Yusuf Tigli
Community Manager
Valeria Ochoa
Sales Development Representative
Abood Alzeno
Sales Development Representative

Advisors and council members

Andy Laverty
Council Member
Ronald Kogens
Council Member
James Monaghan
Council Member
Viv Rajkumar
Technical Advisor
Nick Macario
Advisor & Co-founder