Success Stories

Dock builds digital trust by empowering organisations with verifiable, fraud-proof data

BurstIQ Makes Health Data Verifiable, Secure, and Portable With Dock

How do you ensure data remains secure and verifiable when it leaves the ecosystem you control? BurstIQ implemented Dock’s Verifiable Credentials technology (VCs) to manage health data while respecting users’ privacy and data ownership rights.

SEVENmile issues
fraud-proof verifiable certificates using Dock

SEVENmile, an experiential learning program in Australia, implemented Dock’s verifiable credentials platform to issue hundreds of digital graduation certificates that are fraud-proof and instantly verifiable using blockchain technology. SEVENmile is collaborating with the New South Wales Education State Agency to expand the program to 1500 high schools by 2024.

Gravity eliminates Health & Safety certificate fraud with Dock

Photoshopped Health & Safety certificates are a growing concern for hiring companies. Gravity, a Health & Safety training provider, implemented Dock's certification platform to issue fraud-proof, high-security digital certificates and prevent fraud.
“We’ve looked at a lot of the systems that allow you to issue DIDs and VCs and generally what we’ve found is that Dock is far easier to use than many of the existing tools out there. It can deploy very quickly and it will be very easy for our developers to use the tool.”
Amber Hartley
Chief Strategy Officer, BurstlQ

Start issuing Verifiable Credentials today

Dock Certs is an all-in-one suite of Verifiable Credential (VC) tools built for organizations to issue digital credentials and certificates that are automatically and instantly verifiable, fraud-proof and auditable.