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“We’ve looked at a lot of the systems that allow you to issue DIDs and VCs and generally what we’ve found is that Dock is far easier to use than many of the existing tools out there. It can deploy very quickly and it will be very easy for our developers to use the tool.”

Amber Hartley
Chief Strategy Officer, BurstIQ
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BurstIQ’s Challenges

BurstIQ’s LifeGraph platform simplifies the management of extensive, confidential human data and gives businesses the ability to comply with people’s data rights while creating hyper-personalized digital experiences. Each LifeGraph that is built for someone is a digital fingerprint of that person capturing all the data they generated and how that information interacts with other people, places, and things. For example, licensed nurses can have their education issued as Verifiable Credentials and as they pass more training sessions, they will have a record of their skills.

BurstIQ wanted to be able to make any of their data transportable within their ecosystem between players and outside of the ecosystem while keeping the security, integrity, and the ownership of data intact. 

Dock’s Verifiable Credentials Solution

LifeGraph simplifies how data is collected, managed, and controlled and it was important for BurstIQ to choose a technology solution that maintains security, tamper-resistant data, and user privacy. Verifiable Credentials are an essential component to be able to do that within their system. 

Verifiable Credentials are a digital cryptographically secured version of digital credentials that people can present to organizations that need them for verification. They will allow companies and people within and outside of BurstIQ’s ecosystem to exchange information by offering a way to present their identity, health information, professional accomplishments, and more as verified, trustworthy data.

By integrating Dock's Verifiable Credentials solution, LifeGraph customers can now turn any workforce data into a Verifiable Credential that is portable, secure and verifiable.


LifeGraph can sign and confirm data and send it securely to other parties as a Verifiable Credential. VCs don't need to be tied to a particular chain or storage location. Verifiable Credentials that meet the W3C spec and have resolvable DIDs can be used by any system that supports VCs.


The application of cryptography is what makes Verifiable Credentials fraud-proof. The VC holder has complete cryptographic ownership of the data and decides who has access to that data.


Blockchain, cryptography, and the VC standard enable LifeGraph's data to be verifiable outside their system.

Benefits of Verifiable Credentials for LifeGraph

Save time and money with instant verification

Organizations that receive data can instantly check the authenticity of the data rather than use manual, time-consuming, and more expensive verification processes.

Sustained data integrity

LifeGraph can prove that the data within their system and data that has left their system is accurate and has not been altered or modified.

Privacy and ownership for individuals

BurstIQ enables a trust-first digital strategy with human data. With VCs, people can maintain their privacy and ownership rights by enabling them to give consent and revoke permissions for organizations to access their data as they see fit. 

Efficient data exchange

Organizations can conveniently send data to relevant parties faster in order to provide personalized and enhanced services for people.

How it works

BurstIQ will primarily be using the Certs API. Certs Web Dashboard will mainly be used to administer API usage such as creating new API keys to create Verifiable Credentials. LifeGraph assigns ownership to a piece of data so whatever company is using LifeGraph will know who the owner is. The platform allows for dynamic consent if, for example, a client decides to remove access to their health data.

The Verifiable Credential services provided by Dock will initially be deployed to verify and attest employee skills and learning accomplishments. This will build trusted engagements between employees and employers while enabling employers to optimize their workforce.

No-Code Platform: Issue from the web in a few clicks.

API: Integrate with your existing system.

Mobile app: Store and manage certificates (Whitelabel available).

SDK: Store and manage certificates in your existing mobile app.

Create your first Reusable Digital ID today

Turn verified ID data into Reusable Digital ID Credentials, instantly verify their authenticity and get paid when they are verified by third parties.