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User-Friendly, No-Code Verifiable Digital Credential Platform

December 8, 2023

Dock has been building cutting-edge Verifiable Credential technology since 2017. We’ll go over the key benefits of using an intuitive verifiable digital credential platform for organizations and individuals.


  • A digital credential platform is a system that enables users to issue and manage digital credentials such as certificates after the completion of a program or course.
  • A verifiable digital credential is a document that is issued by an official organization and uses special security features that make it difficult for someone to falsify the information contained within them.
  • Dock Certs is a user-friendly, no code platform that enables users to easily issue, verify, manage, and revoke verifiable digital credentials.
  • A verifiable digital credential platform enables issuing and verifying organizations to save time and money on verification processes, protect the value of their credential with fraud-proof certificates, and enhance their reputation.
  • Verifiable digital credentials enable recipients to enhance their credibility and build a lifelong portable record of their skills and achievements with the benefit of user privacy and control of their data.


Verifiable digital credentials are becoming increasingly important in today's digital world as they provide a secure and verifiable method of proving various qualifications, skills, and experiences. They also prevent fraud and help ensure that individuals and organizations are accurately represented. Physical certificates and credentials can be easily lost, forged, damaged, or stolen. Certificate fraud is a major problem around the world and fake diplomas are a billion dollar industry.  

By using a verifiable digital credential platform, organizations can easily issue fraud-proof certificates, streamline the verification processes, protect the value of their credentials, provide data security, and enhance their reputation in an increasingly digital economy.

What Is a Digital Credential Platform?

A digital credential platform is a system that enables users to issue and manage digital credentials such as certificates after the completion of a program or course.

What Is a Verifiable Digital Credential?

digital credential platform coding certificate example

Not all digital credentials are created equal. Digital certificates alone aren’t enough to prevent fraud. 

A verifiable digital credential is a document that is issued by an official organization and contains information about a person or company. This type of credential typically takes the form of an official document or certificate, qualifications, certifications, employment history, or professional licenses. 

Unlike regular paper or electronic documents, verifiable digital credentials are designed to be tamper-proof and contain special security features that make it difficult for someone to falsify the information contained within them. Because of this, verifiable digital credentials are highly trusted sources of information, allowing businesses or individuals to easily verify people's identities and qualifications online. Ultimately, verifiable digital credentials allow us to trust the information they contain more than other types of documents, making them an essential tool for businesses and individuals.

Dock Certs: User-Friendly Digital Credential Platform

Dock Certs: digital credential platform

Our expert team created Dock Certs because we kept getting requests from organizations that had little to no technical resources to conveniently issue, verify, manage, and revoke Verifiable Credentials. They were looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use, no-code digital credential platform.  

This demo shows how easy and quick it is to issue verifiable digital credentials:

Dock Certs features:

  • Issue Verifiable Credentials in seconds
  • Robust security 
  • Intuitive user experience

Here is how a digital credential appears in a recipient’s Dock Wallet app on their phone:

Verifiable Credentials issued on the digital credential platform

How SEVENmile In Australia Is Benefiting From Dock’s Digital Credential Platform

SEVENmile credential using a digital credential platform

SEVENmile, an experiential learning program in Australia that helps high-school students learn real-world skills, is using Dock Certs to issue hundreds of fraud-proof digital graduation certificates that are instantly and permanently verifiable. This will allow students to prove their skills throughout their lives and ensure immediate trust with employers. 

“At SEVENmile Ltd, we believe that the move to ownership of our personal data is a vital platform that will help transform how the internet functions and how our data will be protected. We’re applying this philosophy by working with Dock Labs to secure the credentials of students we train,” said Greg Twemlow, SEVENmile’s CEO.

SEVENmile believes that a graduation certificate in a paper format has no real-world value to a student. Students can conveniently store the digital certificates on a mobile phone and companies can simply scan a QR code on the certificate to immediately confirm that it is authentic. 

Make Customized Branded Digital Credentials

With Dock Certs, you can make customizable digital certificates that reflect your brand with our drag and drop visual editor. The certificate can include a QR code that a verifying organization can scan to instantly check if the credential is authentic. 

Designer demo

Benefits of a Verifiable Digital Credential Platform for Organizations

3 parties that use the digital credential platform

Issuing and verifying organizations can save time and money

Issuing organizations

Dock Certs enables users to conveniently issue multiple credentials at once with our bulk issuance feature. This replaces time-consuming and manual processes that will free up time for your staff. 

Verifying organizations 

Employers, government agencies, and other verifying organizations are often using traditional and manual verification processes that often take weeks to months to check if a credential is authentic. This usually involves calling up an issuing organization like a licensing authority or university. 

But verifiable digital credentials enable organizations to check the legitimacy of a credential in seconds. This can help employers speed up the hiring process as they search for applicants with the right skills and qualifications without having to call up the issuing organization.

Organizations can start verification process by sending a QR code

Protect the value of your credential

Digital credentials are one of the most effective ways to protect valuable credentials from fraudsters. These digital certificates are backed by sophisticated security and authentication systems that make it nearly impossible for anyone to counterfeit them. The technology creates unforgeable records that can be used to prove authenticity and protect against any attempts at tampering.  

Enhancing Reputation to Stakeholders and the Public

Issuing verifiable digital credentials demonstrate an organization's commitment to forward-thinking and improve their credibility in the marketplace, which can help attract new customers. Their use of a verifiable digital credential platform also shows their dedication to providing data security for their users. 

Here is an example process of a government issuing a passport with a digital credential platform:

How a government can use the digital credential platform

Benefits of Verifiable Digital Credentials for Recipients

Dock's digital credential platform an enable selective disclosure

Enhanced credibility  

Digital credentials and identity can easily be checked by employers and other verifying organizations who will know that the information being presented is accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. 

Build a lifelong portable record of skills and achievements

The combination of an individual’s education and accomplishments can be easily presented and conveniently be taken anywhere because these credentials are securely stored on people’s mobile phones.

Strong data security

The information on the credentials is securely encrypted. Encryption is the process of disguising information in order to make it unreadable by anyone who doesn’t have permission to see it. The purpose of encryption is to protect sensitive data.

Provides user privacy and control

People can choose which parts of their identity they want to present to a verifier such as showing their age but not their full name. People are fully in control of their data as digital credentials can’t be shared or used without explicit user consent.

The Importance of Issuing Verifiable Fraud-Proof Certificates

Nursing license issued by the digital credential platform

Certificate fraud is a huge problem around the world as many people simply use a photo editor or buy fake certifications online to work in many types of high stakes positions including construction workers, medical doctors, nurses, and engineers. This dishonest practice has unfortunately led to many injuries and deaths of innocent people because employers didn’t take the time to verify credentials or were unable to spot a fake credential. Fortunately, a verifiable digital credential platform enables organizations to efficiently issue fraud-proof certificates. 

Using Dock's Digital Credential Platform and Wallet to Verify Documents Instantly

Organizations can use Dock Certs and the Dock Wallet to quickly verify someone's digital credentials. This feature is enabled by blockchain technology, making the verification process reliable and quick. Verifiers can be assured that the credentials shown are authentic and accurate. Verification can be done on the web or wallet-to-wallet (online or in person).

Dock's Step by Step Verification Guide

Click here to see the guide on how to verify credentials with Dock Certs and the Dock Wallet.

Verifiable Digital Credential Applications

Issued credential on Dock's digital credential platform

These are just a few of many examples of documents that can be issued on a verifiable digital credential platform:

  • Event admission tickets
  • Membership credentials
  • Online course certificates
  • Professional licenses and certifications
  • Digital identity verification
  • Academic certificates including high school, college, and university

Here is an example that describes the process of how a digital credential platform would be used to issue and verify credentials.

  • Credential issuer: Successo Institute
  • Credential holder: Mary Shan
    Credential verifier: Naturellica company

1. When Mary finished her university degree, Successo Institute used Dock Certs to issue her Bachelor of Design degree as a Verifiable Credential.

Mary's university degree is issued as a Verifiable Credential on the digital credential platform.

2. Mary scans the QR code on the credential's PDF to import it on her Dock Wallet, where she holds all of her digital credentials on her phone. She wants to apply for a Graphic Designer position at the company Naturellica.

3. Before Naturellica invites Mary to the interview, they want to ensure that she has a design degree. So they use Dock Certs to make a verification request template that they send to all shortlisted applicants.

QR code verification request to check digital credentials

4. Mary gives permission to the employer to view her  degree.

5. Mary selects the appropriate credential to share.

Selects appropriate credential

6. Mary can choose which information on her credential she wants to share rather than showing all of the details in order to minimize the amount of information she wants to share.

Mary can choose which information she wants to share with selective disclosurel

7. Naturellica can instantly see that Mary's degree is authentic and invites her to an interview.

Valid digital credential


Organizations and individuals greatly benefit from fraud-proof certificates being issued from a verifiable digital credential platform. 

Key benefits for organizations:

  • Save time and money by being able to efficiently issue and verify credentials with less staff and resources
  • Check the authenticity of credentials in seconds
  • Protect the value of a credential
  • Enhance their reputation to stakeholders and the public

Key benefits for credential recipients:

  • Improves their credibility 
  • Build a lifelong portable record of skills and achievements
  • Strong data security
  • Provides user privacy and control

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