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Take your digital verifiable credentials anywhere

With the Dock Wallet, you can now store your digital Verifiable Credentials and truly own your professional and educational achievements.

Own your credentials

Do you really own the credentials you receive from employers and courses? No. Traditional credentials are owned by the companies who issued them or intermediaries that store them on your behalf. You always need to link back or contact those centralized services to prove your achievements. We believe this is not suited for a Web3 world. That's why we built the Dock Wallet.

Import your digital Verifiable Credentials.

Dock uses state-of-the-art cryptography to make every credential resistant to fraud.

Take them wherever you go. They'll always be verifiable using the Dock Blockchain.

Share your credentials for verification.

Selective Disclosure: only share specific information from one credential.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs: prove something about yourself without revealing the data that supports the proof.

Own your Dock tokens

In the Dock Wallet, you can also

Directly send, manage and receive your Dock Tokens securely.

Buy DOCK with fiat using our Transak integration.

Control your private key, set a recovery phrase and backup your Wallet.

Learn and earn your first Verifiable Credential

Complete Dock’s "Fundamentals of Decentralized Identity” course, level up your skills and receive this certificate as a digital Verifiable Credential.

Your certificate will contain a crypto signature that proves its authenticity and immediately verifies it on the Dock blockchain.

Start course

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Available both on iOS and Android