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Meet Agne, Dock’s Head of Customer Success

December 8, 2023

Agne Caunt has 12 years of experience in building and managing customer success teams for organizations of all sizes, including startups and SaaS companies. She is a passionate customer advocate who ensures that their needs are always represented within a company. As our Head of Customer Success, she is helping our clients use the Dock platform to its full potential for their diverse use cases.

“What I love about this role is that it allows me to specialize in one platform and guide customers through all the different ways it can be used for their particular use cases. That’s why working with Dock is so rewarding,” Agne said. 

Customer Success vs. Customer Support

Agne’s career in customer success began with a B2C company where she had the opportunity to work with the product and R&D. In this role, she did a lot of research and focus groups with users to understand what help they needed. Her background in psychology helped her speak with customers and understand their problems. 

Many people who aren’t as familiar with customer success often mistakenly think that it is the same as customer support. She explained the clear difference between the two terms. 

'Customer support is reactive and mainly focuses on addressing specific issues or challenges that customers currently face while using a product or service. The goal is to resolve problems as they come up to ensure that customers have a smooth experience. 

For example, a customer support representative may answer questions about a product feature or technical glitches. These representatives often work closer with developers and QA. But unlike customer success, they don’t think about the business problems a customer has. Some key metrics that would be tracked with customer support are how many issues someone resolves, how fast it’s done, and how satisfied customers are. 

Customer success, on the other hand, uses a more proactive approach, aiming to ensure that customers achieve their goals and outcomes with the product or service. This role often involves onboarding, training, and providing strategic advice to maximize value." 

For example, for a marketing SaaS platform, a customer success representative will guide the customer on how to make the most of the platform and adapt the usage of the tools based on their business needs. The metrics for a customer success person could be how much the customer is growing with your business and if the customer added another department to use the tool. 

Why Agne Joined Dock

She personally doesn’t like unnecessary bureaucracy and long processes. When she started learning about Web3 technology, she wanted to be a part in building something where you can replace physical documents and make processes more efficient.

“Being an expat myself, digital voting is one of the things I really want to see happen in the near future. By joining Dock, I want to play a part in getting rid of unnecessary paper documents and tedious processes so that future generations don't even know what it means to stand in line waiting for paper credentials. Our technology can solve so many problems that are overdue and that’s what gets me excited.”

What She Does For Fun

Agne is a curious globetrotter who has visited over 40 countries. In addition to experiencing diverse cultures, she enjoys hiking among stunning landscapes, cooking, embroidery, and reading fantasy books.

Stay tuned for more updates on how our customers are using Dock.

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