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What are validators?

Validators play an essential role in the Dock Network. They process transactions and validate that other validators are also processing them correctly.

Validator roadmap

The validator testnet and initial mainnet will use Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus and Dock is seeking approx 10 validators for the testnet. The best performing validators will graduate to Dock’s PoA mainnet. The network will transition to Proof of Stake during 2021, an estimated 6 months after the token migration from the current ERC20 to Dock’s native token.
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Rewards and coin distribution

The network will start in a Proof of Authority phase and graduate to Proof of Stake over time. The validator rewards will vary at each stage of development. The PoA network will be limited to 10 validators and their performance in the testnet determines if they will be allowed in the PoA mainnet.

During PoA mainnet

The Dock Mainet, Vulcan, will initially use a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism where time will be split into fixed intervals and each validator will have an equal chance to produce blocks on a round-robin basis.

During the PoS mainnet

Circa 150M Dock tokens dedicated to rewards will be released over 25 years. The number of validators will be capped at around 50. The proposed token release schedule is as follows:

Year Tokens released Tokens remaining Circulating supply
1 36,652,688 109,958,063 890,041,937
2 27,489,516 82,468,547 917,531,453
3 20,617,137 61,851,410 938,148,590
4 15,462,853 46,388,558 953,611,442
5 11,597,139 34,791,418 965,208,582
10 2,752,056 8,256,167 991,743,833
15 653,076 1,959,227 998,040,773
20 154,978 464,934 999,535,066
25 36,777 110,331 999,889,669
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Just as the start of the validator test network signals the start of the Dock network infrastructure being decentralized we are also taking steps to ensure decentralized network governance. To that end, we have set up a Swiss non-profit organization that will manage the treasury funds and oversee the development, governance and promotion of the network.

The council will consist of anywhere between 3 and 15 members and selection of council members is ongoing and the association is seeking diversity within the council to provide a wide range of skills and perspectives. For expediency the initial council members will be selected by Dock but this will transition to a more democratic voting process in the near future.

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Non-profit organization

Based in Switzerland

3-15 council members

Tech requirements

Any cloud provider can be used to run a Dock node cost at minimal expense. Specifically, the following are required:
  1. 1 or 2 publicly accessible machines
  2. At least 4 GB of RAM
  3. At least 50 GB of SSD
  4. Bandwidth of 10 Mbps over WAN
Some familiarity with provisioning machines (either cloud or on-prem) and some familiarity with Linux command line is needed to run the provided scripts to generate keys and deploy node. Dock currently supports Ubuntu 18.04.