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DOCK token — powering Web3’s identity layer

DOCK is the native token of Dock’s blockchain network that is used to transact, incentivize, and vote in its ecosystem for Decentralized Identity.

DOCK token for decentralized future

The DOCK token was created to empower a future internet built with identity ownership, privacy, and trusted data at its core.

1 billion

Fixed Supply

DOCK tokens have a fixed supply which makes it more scarce and has the potential to preserve its value.

25 years

Sustainable Release Schedule

DOCK tokens’ release schedule slows down over time, providing robustness of the ecosystem through larger rewards in the early years, and sets the network for long-term success.

12-15% APR

Stake and Earn

Dock offers exciting staking opportunities for token holders to earn passive income by locking up their tokens and helping to secure the network, earning rewards for their contribution.

Fueling and securing Dock’s network

Every Decentralized Identifier created or a Verifiable Credential anchored on the Dock blockchain is a transaction that incentivizes block producers for their contributions.

The utilities of the DOCK token can be divided into 3 main categories:


Any DOCK token holder can participate via open proposal submission, voting on the direction of the network, and electing board members to the Dock Association.

Network operations

DOCK tokens are required to process operations on the Dock network including creating decentralized identifiers (DID), revoking and anchoring credentials, and creating schemas to structure credentials.

Staking and validating

Stakers can stake their tokens and nominate others on their behalf. The network selects validators based on their stake and distributes rewards to both validators and nominators.

How to buy DOCK tokens?

DOCK tokens can be purchased on various platforms and exchanges. Buy and HODL DOCK to become a part of Dock’s Web3 and Decentralized Identity ecosystem.

1. Transak

Our collaboration with Transak offers the simplest mechanism to buy DOCK tokens across 60+ countries including the UK and India. Sign up on Transak and follow the steps on the widget.

Note* - The Transak integration is not available in the United States, China, and other select countries. View list of supported countries

2. Listed exchanges

DOCK token is also available on several of the world’s leading crypto exchanges. You can register on their platforms and buy DOCK with leading base cryptocurrencies including USDT, BTC, or BUSD.

How to stake DOCK tokens?

There are two ways to stake DOCK


Stake Dock on the world’s leading exchange in 3 simple steps:

  1. Buy DOCK on Binance
  2. Stake them on Binance Earn on Locked or Flexible plan
  3. Earn DOCK rewards daily

Dock’s Staking Platform

Stake Dock natively using the Dock Staking Platform to directly participate in block validations and earn emission rewards without relying on centralized exchanges

iPhone mockup

How to store DOCK and keep it safe?

Dock Wallet is a software program designed to store your public and private keys, decentralized identifiers (DIDs), and Verifiable Credentials, and send and receive DOCK Tokens. You can truly own your tokens and your credentials on our Dock Wallet app.

Circulating supply

APPROX. 793M DOCK (79.3%)
Dock tokens held by token holders which enable any individual or organization to participate in the network including transacting, validating, staking, and voting via open governance.

Dock Association treasury

APPROX. 102M DOCK (10.2%)
The Dock Association’s Treasury is used to fund the development, marketing and operations of the Dock network. Over time, decisions regarding spending the Treasury will shift from the Association’s Council to token holders via an open governance mechanism.

Validator emission rewards    

APPROX. 105M (10.5%)
Remaining tokens will be mined over time as emission rewards with 50% used to reward validators for validating blocks and processing transactions, as well as stakers for participating in staking. The other 50% of the emission rewards will go to the Treasury to ensure the ongoing management of the network.

Tokenomics and distribution

The total supply of DOCK token is 1 billion. Each year, the network will release 25% of the remaining supply at most and the released tokens will be equally distributed across epochs, each of which lasts 10 days.