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“I’m hoping that in the coming years, we’re gonna be issuing tens of thousands of Dock’s blockchain credentials.”

Greg Twemlow


SEVENmile’s challenge

SEVENmile’s entrepreneurial training program pairs high school students with business owners to teach students problem-solving techniques and help them gain an understanding of real-life business issues.

Degree and certificate fraud is a billion-dollar industry and a growing problem worldwide. SEVENmile believes that in 2022, a graduation certificate in a paper format has no real-world value to a student. Printed certificates are difficult to verify and, because of that, do not help students prove their skills.

No longterm value

Current paper-based certificates and credentials do not allow students and workers to create a permanent and lifelong record of the skills they have learnt.

Easy to fake

Paper and PDF certificates are very easy to fake. In the US, it’s estimated that 2 million degrees have been sold.

Difficult to Verify

Verifying the authenticity of a paper-based credential is a slow and manual process, with employers having to contact the credential’s issuer to ensure they are valid.

How SEVENmile solved it

SEVENmile started using Dock’s verifiable credentials platform, Certs, allowing students to prove their skills throughout their lives and ensure immediate trust with employers.

Fraud-proof Certificates

SEVENmile now issues fraud-proof, high-security digital graduation certificates that remain verifiable forever using blockchain technology.

Lifelong Record

Students receive a future-proof digital credential that they can store on their mobile phones and create a lifelong record of the skills they learnt and ensure they can always prove it.

Instantly Verifiable

Hiring companies can scan the QR code on the certificate to have immediate certainty and trust that the certificate is authentic.
“As we’ve started to issue these blockchain-based credentials, and we’ve educated our students on what they are and how they can use them, they are now excited that they, unlike perhaps many of their peers, are going to be presenting a blockchain credential to people who they might be applying to work for. That blockchain credential actually sets them apart, and I’ve seen that the light has gone on for them that they are different and special because they have a blockchain credential.”
Greg Twemlow

How it works

Dock’s verifiable credentials platform, Certs, enables SEVENmile to issue digital certificates that are instantly verifiable and impossible to fake.

SEVENmile is using Certs’ No-Code web dashboard to issue certificates in a few clicks. However, Certs was built with flexibility in mind and an API and SDK are available.

If you’d like to know more about how Dock uses cryptography to make certificates fraud-proof, you can read our guide to this wonderful technology called Verifiable Credentials.

No-Code Platform: Issue from the web in a few clicks.

API: Integrate with your existing system.

Mobile app: Store and manage certificates (Whitelabel available).

SDK: Store and manage certificates in your existing mobile app.

Create your first Reusable Digital ID today

Turn verified ID data into Reusable Digital ID Credentials, instantly verify their authenticity and get paid when they are verified by third parties.