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Dock subprocessors

Dock Labs AG (“Dock”) uses certain subprocessors to provide our Services. These are third party data processors that have been engaged by Dock and who have access to certain user data. All of our subprocessors are evaluated by Dock prior to any engagement to ensure the safety of our users' data.

List of Subprocessors

Alphabet Inc.

Provides multiple services including Google Analytics which is used to track and analyze analytics based on user behavior and characteristics, Google Drive, which may be used to store documents that may include Personal Data, Gmail which may be used to contact users, and the Google Play store which is used for distributing the Dock Wallet App on Android devices. Headquartered in the United States with operations located worldwide.

Amazon Web Service, Inc. (AWS)

Cloud service provider for our IT hosting. U.S. based company that stores our data on their servers based in North Virginia in the U.S.

Apple Inc.

The Apple App Store is used to distribute the Dock Wallet App to iOS users. Headquartered in the United States with operations located worldwide.

Cloudflare, Inc.

Cloud platform providing various network services, located in the U.S. with operations globally.

Discord Inc.

Used for communication with Dock’s community members, including validators, Ambassador program participants, and developers working with Dock’s technology. Located in the United States.

Functional Software, Inc. d/b/a Sentry

Sentry provides error monitoring software used on the Dock website, mobile applications, and other Dock properties. Located in the United States.

Ghost Foundation is a platform for hosting our blog and publishing content, based in Singapore with servers in the Netherlands.

Peaberry Software Inc. d/b/a

Email sending platform used to manage email sending, view analytics related to email usage and delivery, and store contact information, located in the U.S.


Sentry is a crash reporting platform that provides us with "real-time insight into production deployments with info to reproduce and fix crashes". It notifies of exceptions or errors that users run into while using the app, and organizes them for us on a web dashboard.

Slack Technologies, LLC., a Salesforce company

Communication platform primarily used for chat communications between the internal Dock team and with partners, located in the United States.

Stripe, Inc.

Processing for customer payments when purchasing access to Dock’s platform with headquarters in Ireland and the United States.


Twilio’s SendGrid service is used for sending emails to Dock’s website users and blog subscribers, helping ensure deliverability and best practices for sending emails. Data is stored in the U.S., Europe, and other locations.

Vercel Inc.

Vercel’s cloud platform is used for deployment, related hosting and sharing services and analytics tools. Located in the United States.

Webflow, Inc.

Platform for building webpages used to create the Dock website and collect forum submissions, located in the U.S.


Customer management platform used for providing customer support services with data storage located in the United States and globally.