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University of Arkansas at Little Rock Partners with Dock for Anonymous Cyber Threat Reporting

March 6, 2024

Zug, Switzerland – March 6th, 2024 – The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has announced the integration of Dock’s Reusable Digital ID platform, Certs, through the US Department of Energy’s Emerging Threat Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ET-ISAC). This partnership will empower hundreds of organizations to anonymously report cybersecurity threats without compromising their identity. Using Dock, the University can securely authenticate each reporting entity while maintaining strict anonymity, fostering a trusted environment for sharing critical threat intelligence and enhancing collective cyber defense capabilities.

In cybersecurity, many organizations are reluctant to report incidents like ransomware attacks due to concerns about reputational damage and the potential legal implications. However, timely reporting is crucial because it allows other members of the community to respond proactively to emerging threats.

Recognizing this, UA Little Rock is incorporating Dock's Reusable Digital ID technology into its Security Incident Sharing Platform. This integration enables the hundreds of entities within the University's threat-reporting community to report incidents while maintaining anonymity. Doing so mitigates fears of reputational harm and legal risks, encouraging more organizations to participate.

But… how can you establish trust in an anonymous interaction?

The University addresses this crucial question with an innovative solution: issuing verifiable digital ID credentials to its trusted community members. These credentials aren't ordinary; they're fortified with advanced cryptography, making them tamper-proof and equipped with Zero-Knowledge Proof capabilities.

What does this mean in practice? Zero-Knowledge Proofs are a form of cryptographic verification that allows individuals to prove their membership in the University's community without disclosing any details about their identity.

When a member organization enrolls in the Emerging Threat Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ET-ISAC), they receive a membership credential that is securely stored in a digital identity wallet provided by Dock. When they want to access the platform again to make a report, they'll scan a QR code with their ID Wallet. The ID Wallet will generate a Zero-Knowledge Proof, verifying the user is a community member without disclosing who the member is and granting them access to the platform. The member can then submit data sets and inquiries, allowing the ET-ISAC to reply with information that benefits every community member.

The result is a robust, collaborative defense network against cyber threats, where the anonymity provided by Dock's technology empowers the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s community to share critical insights without jeopardizing their identity.

“The seamless and real-time exchange of information helps make our critical infrastructure more resilient,” says Dr. Philip Huff, the Director of the ET-ISAC at UA Little Rock. “Dock plays a pivotal role in eliminating obstacles for our members, thereby fortifying our collective defenses against our adversaries in cyberspace. Their support is instrumental in our mission to leverage cutting-edge technological advancements to effectively counteract the evolving cybersecurity threats facing the energy sector.”

“This pioneering approach in threat management reinforces the security and privacy of the reporting process and positions the University of Arkansas at Little Rock at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation. By leveraging Dock's Reusable Digital ID and Zero-Knowledge Proof technology, UA Little Rock sets a new standard in secure, anonymous cyber threat reporting.” said Nick Lambert, Dock’s CEO.

About the University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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About Dock

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