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Meet Robert, Dock’s Software Developer

December 8, 2023


Robert Vintilă has been interested in technology since he was young. He started researching crypto and blockchain projects around 2017 and he began working on Web3 projects. 

What excited him the most about Web3 and blockchain projects was that he could approach new and old problems differently than in Web2 where many projects have been done so many times before. Ever since then, he has only worked on Web3 projects.

He joined Dock because he shares the same value of privacy as the company. He found that many other organizations and projects didn’t focus much on privacy on the web as they should be considering the growing number of sophisticated scams that happen every day. This problem is especially getting worse with AI and deep fake technology. And because Robert loves traveling, meeting new people, and learning about other cultures, he liked that Dock’s team is all over the world. 

While he is passionate about technology, he regularly makes time to disconnect and loves doing long hikes through the forest, traveling, and learning about other cultures. On top of this, he likes cooking, sports, and is very passionate about cars with unique designs. 

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