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Meet Johnson, Dock's Software Engineer

December 8, 2023

Johnson Tinuoye was first interested in coding when he was in university. While he was studying electrical engineering, he began learning about computers and building websites on his own time. 

When he didn’t have a mentor, he was extremely resourceful by teaching himself how to code online, watching YouTube videos, and doing a 3-month coding bootcamp during his holidays, where he first learned HTML and CSS. After learning a few more programming languages, he started doing freelance work to build applications for organizations before getting a job with a software company.

In 2021, Johnson began learning about how blockchain and Web3 were revolutionizing finance and other use cases. He dove deeper to understand the differences between Web2 and Web3. In his current role with Dock, he is doing a hybrid of Web2 and Web3 work.

Why He Joined Dock

“I really connected with Dock’s mission because I come from a country where the usage fake documents is rampant. This was a great opportunity to contribute to a technology that can eliminate forgery.

I love learning about new technology and enjoy coding the most. I really like this role because I can work on many types of projects including the wallet SDK and different aspects of the application. I wanted to work with a company where I can use my Web3 knowledge and work more closely with the tech.”

For Fun

Johnson is a busy family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. When he does have free time, he enjoys playing chess. 

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