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Meet Euan, Dock's Sales Manager

December 8, 2023

Euan Miller's career began in recruitment before transitioning to working as a B2B salesperson for a software company. Afterwards, he joined a SaaS company where he effectively grew and managed a global team of over 30 people. 

Key Lessons in Sales

After years of training and overseeing sales teams, he shared some insights on how to build a great team. 

“Being good at sales is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You have to consistently be putting effort in reviewing, adapting, and refining your strategies and processes. It’s very rewarding to see people who struggle with sales at first and eventually becoming the top Sales Representative with some guidance.”

Why He Joined Dock

“I wanted to work at a startup that was focused on solving problems using blockchain and applying my skills as a go-to-market leader in a dynamic environment. The way Dock’s leadership team interacted with each other was appealing. People are kind, hardworking, and execute very well.”

Euan was excited to be part of the growing blockchain industry and seeing how organizations are using technology to make their processes better and faster, particularly in the finance, supply chain, government, and identity sectors. “There’s tremendous power in decentralized technology and more leaders need to understand how this can transform their business.”

After working in recruitment and sales for 12 years, he said that the main qualities he looks for in salespeople is kindness, hardworking, and being able to think on their feet quickly. 

For Fun

In his spare time he loves traveling to many countries with his partner, working out, and playing rugby.

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