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Building With the Dock API: Congratulations to These Hackathon Winners!

January 19, 2024

Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) hosted the DIF hackathon at the end of 2023 for people to learn about decentralized identity tech and build apps that shape the future of identity. The event was for people who were new to decentralized ID and for those were are experienced. There were two teams that used Dock's API to build incredible applications and placed in the top three. We send a huge congratulations to them!

Project 1: Web3 Patient Portal

Ivo Garofalo and Kenneth Zambrano came in third place for their "Medical Research Hub, Web3 Patient Portal" project. This innovative proof of concept empowers patients with full control over their medical data. It enables patients to securely share verified lab test results with medical researchers, ensuring data privacy, and authenticity.

They overcame credential verification and proof presentation challenges by using Dock’s API, which was recommended to them by PolygonID. "This platform was a game-changer for us. It enabled us to effectively issue Verifiable Credentials (VCs) using the BBS+ algorithm and Selective Disclosure, two key elements in ensuring data privacy and integrity."

Project 2: An Anonymous Door Unlocking With Anonymity Revocation Capability

Five incredible builders from the Sako laboratory of Waseda University in Tokyo came in second place for this project that introduces a secure, privacy-preserving door entry system for lab environments. It leverages verifiable credentials with the BBS+ signature scheme, decentralized web nodes, and Zero-KnowledgeProofs.

This system allows them to unlock the lab’s door when it confirms their authorized status as lab members. It does this without revealing their identity by using an unlinkable selective disclosure feature. This innovative use of Dock's tech showcases a significant advancement in both security and privacy.

DIF looks for use cases that drive adoption. Besides the incredible prizes of the hackathon, some existing companies started their journey at the hackathon and received funding soon after to bring their solutions to market. This proof of concept exemplifies their vision of patient empowerment and privacy in healthcare.

Developer Resources

We look forward to seeing many more incredible decentralized ID projects. Here are key resources for builders: 

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