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About Us

Dock was founded with a mission to solve universal problems with existing data solutions: data silos and gatekeepers, untrusted and inaccurate information, incompatibilities across platforms, inefficiencies with verifying data, and lack of control and privacy for users.

In today’s world, accurate and individually-owned data is more important than ever. Our ability to navigate through society depends heavily on being able to accurately capture and prove various pieces of information that represent who we are and our accomplishments.

These pieces of information can be anything from a passport proving our identity and citizenship, a graduation diploma proving our education, or a vocational license proving our ability to work in a designated field. Digital credentials are virtual representations of these important pieces of data which are essential in our lives and careers, but there are many problems with how this data is captured, shared, and controlled.

Dock is open and permissionless across our technology, network and governance. By enabling any organization or developer to issue via Dock, we can work together across markets and industries to unlock a better future world powered by secure, individually-owned verifiable credentials.

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Dock Association

A Swiss non-profit Association dedicated to overseeing the network’s roadmap, establishing and providing ongoing governance, overseeing the promotion of the network and also driving its adoption.

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Dock Labs

The team behind Dock working on developing the network and driving marketing, business development and operations to fulfill Dock’s vision. We are a fully distributed team and all of our work is open source.

Our team

Dock is led by a group of founders and industry veterans. Nick Lambert, CEO, has been working in the blockchain space since 2011 previously as COO of MaidSafe. Elina Cadouri, COO, is one of Dock’s founders and has built a career in data network startups. Lead developer, Lovesh Harchandani, is an expert in DID and verifiable credentials, previously working at Evernym, where he contributed significant code to Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Ursa, and Sovrin.

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Nick Lambert

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Elina Cadouri


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Lovesh Harchandani
Lead Developer

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Sam Hellawell
Core Developer

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Soyoung Park
Project Manager

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Rey Alejandro
Lead Designer

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Maycon Mellos
Core Developer

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Phoebe Anne Bandoy
Customer Service Specialist

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Eivy Baronda
Customer Service Specialist

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Mike Parkhill
Solutions Architect

Advisors & council members

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Nick Macario
Advisor & Co-founder

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Viv Rajkumar
Technical Advisor

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Andy Laverty
Council Member


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