Make any document tamper-proof with Verifiable Credentials

Dock Certs is an all-in-one suite of Verifiable Credential (VC) tools built for organizations to issue digital credentials and certificates that are automatically and instantly verifiable, fraud-proof and auditable.
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Verifiable Credentials (VCs) explained

There is a problem in the digital economy. Paper and PDFs are easy to fake. Verifying the authenticity of a document or certificate is slow and manual. And if you don't verify them, you risk fraud.

That's why world-class organisations use Verifiable Credentials to verify documents instantly. Verifiable Credentials are documents that contain a crypto signature: a permanent stamp that allows anyone to confirm you issued that credential. They are fraud-proof and verifiable with one click, creating instant trust between people and organisations in the digital economy.

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Verifiable Credential issued using Dock Certs on Web and Mobile Device

Certs – A complete solution to create, manage and present Verifiable Credentials.

Dock provides organizations with all the infrastructure and tools to issue and verify credentials on the blockchain.


Create your identity on blockchain and issue your first Verifiable Credentials in seconds. Certs intuitive no-code dashboard lets you customize and issue certificates in a few clicks. It's the preferred solution for those who want to issue VCs without having to touch any code.

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"We are confident that Dock is able to support us in scaling up our projects regarding SSI solutions within government and beyond”

Marc Minnee / CEO, ovrhd

Digital Verifiable Credentials issued using Dock's Certs
Example of Certs API code to issue verifiable credentials

Certs API

Do you want to issue Verifiable Credentials from your existing system? Certs API enables developers to easily and instantly issue, verify, manage, and revoke Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identities on the Dock Blockchain.

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“A decentralised option that maintains highest levels individual data privacy and integrity."

Terry Jones / CEO, Credenxia

Wallet SDK

Build a Verifiable Credentials wallet inside your app, and allow your users to receive, store and manage their credentials and DOCK tokens. Built for React Native applications with added support for Polkadot-JS. Available for iOS and Android.

Photo of Danny Suárez / CEO, Xertify

“Together with the Dock team we are bringing digital empowerment to the people.”

Danny Suárez / CEO, Xertify

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Our Clients

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Dock Blockchain - build high-performance Decentralized Identity solutions

Dock’s substrate-based blockchain provides an open-source, decentralized, and low-cost platform for organizations and developers to build Decentralized Identity and data applications for the Web3.

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Easy-to-use and open-source framework especially built for developers and enterprises to develop and scale DID products with cutting-edge innovations and quick upgrades

Interoperable and Compliant

Incorporating standards from the industry-leading World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and VCDM to facilitate data exchange with other platforms seamlessly

Secure and Private

Tamper-proof data management that is exceedingly secure and cryptographically verifiable ensuring trust and privacy in data exchange and management

Ethereum (EVM) Compatible

Integrated with Parity’s Frontier, deploy smart contacts written on solidity and interact with them using existing Ethereum libraries such as Web3 or ethers.js

Massively Scalable

With the same consensus as Polkadot, Dock’s blockchain is especially designed to build enterprise-grade products with high efficiency, scalability, and speed


Built with Nominated Proof of Stake model that is validator-friendly, ultra-low-cost, and energy-efficient with lowest carbon footprint

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Working with some of the best names in the Verifiable Credentials and blockchain

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