Dock Mainnet is Live

Verifiable Credentials

Dock provides a range of tools incorporating blockchain technology that enables businesses and developers to create verifiable credentials.


A complete solution to build, manage and present credentials

Dock is a bespoke, one-stop-shop solution to:

  • Create decentralized identities (DIDs)
  • Create, manage and present credentials


Built to work seamlessly across platforms

Dock incorporates standards from the industry-leading World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and VCDM standards facilitating interoperability with other open source technologies. It’s also open source and uses permissive, developer-friendly licenses.

Tamper proof

Secure forever

Industry standard and well utilized cryptographic techniques combined with the Dock Blockchain provide clear and tamper-proof audit trails and blockchain anchoring for time-specific data.

Use cases

What will you build?


See how Dock can be used to streamline healthcare credential verification and monitoring.

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Supply chain

Closely track raw materials and goods, and ensure compliance across suppliers and manufacturers.

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Simplify and streamline your hiring process by providing credentials that are cryptographically verifiable.

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