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Accelerate customer onboarding with Reusable ID

Allow customers to reuse verified ID data across multiple services. Integrating Reusable ID makes onboarding faster and expands your market by creating a new ecosystem of verifiers.

Why Reusable ID?

Accelerate customer onboarding

Improve conversion rates by allowing customers to bypass repeated data entry and physical document submission to verify their identity faster.

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Create a new ecosystem of verifiers

Enable companies to issue ID credentials and expand your market reach by generating demand for that high-quality, verified ID data from a new market of verifiers.

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Lead the way with eIDAS and mDLs

The emergence of digital ID wallets and documents, underpinned by the eIDAS and mobile driver's licenses (mDLs), is redefining how we manage our identities.

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Dock's Reusable Digital ID Platform


Reduce verification friction without sacrificing security

Experience lightning fast ID verification, both for your organization and your ecosystem of trusted third parties. Once you integrate Dock, your system will be augmented with cutting-edge cryptography capabilities, transforming your verified ID data into instantly verifiable Digital ID credentials that are fortified against fraud. Ensure that all stakeholders can trust the credentials they receive, balancing swift verification with robust security.

We've actually ran a few tests trying to falsify documents. We tried to cheat the system and we couldn't. This is such a big game changer for us.
Ewan Jooste
Development Manager, Gravity

Verify once,
reuse everywhere

Eliminate the inefficiencies of repeated ID verifications. By transforming your users' verified ID data into fraud-resistant, Reusable ID credentials, you enable swift onboarding into your ecosystem of trusted relationships. This streamlined approach significantly reduces verification costs and minimizes onboarding drop-offs, ensuring a smoother, more cost-effective process for all parties involved.

This technology enables job seekers to get into work instantly instead of waiting for that long winded background screening. If all the credentials are verified, that candidate could share them instantly and the employer could hire them as soon as that was feasible for them to do so.
Delaney Millward
CEO, Appruvr

Launch 6 times faster

Why build all the infrastructure yourself? Dock’s API easily integrates with your system and data sources, simplifying the creation of secure Reusable Digital Identity credentials. No blockchain or cryptography knowledge is required.

We’ve looked at a lot of the systems that allow you to issue DIDs and VCs and generally what we’ve found is that Dock is far easier to use than many of the existing tools out there. It can deploy very quickly.
Amber Hartley
Chief Strategy Officer, BurstIQ

The #1 Reusable Identity Platform

Create Reusable Digital ID Credentials

Dock's API easily integrates with your systems, working in the background to make your data reusable and fraud-proof - even after it’s shared with other organizations.

Instant verification

Create Verification Requests and send Verification QR Codes to your users. They’ll scan them with their Digital ID Wallet app and you’ll receive instant confirmation of the credentials’ authenticity.

Embed an ID wallet into your app

Build ID wallet capabilities inside your existing app with Dock’s powerful Wallet SDK. Users can manage and share their Reusable Digital ID credentials without having to download an extra app.

Launch your Digital ID Ecosystem

Dock’s user-friendly web dashboard and API allow you to invite and manage trusted issuers and verifiers. Simplify the process of identifying which issuers and verifiers are trustworthy within a particular ecosystem.

Automated paid credential verification

Assign a price to a credential so that when the credential is verified, the issuer can be paid. The users' privacy is preserved because the issuer does not know which user or credential was verified.

Dock blockchain

The Dock blockchain acts as an immutable registry of all credential issuers. This ensures that Reusable ID credentials are always available for verification without ever needing to contact the issuers, and the list of trusted issuers and verifiers is reliable and auditable.

Zero-knowledge proofs

Combine compliance with data privacy. When submitting a credential for verification, users can prove something about themselves without revealing the data that backs up the proof. For example, a user can prove she is over 18 without showing her birthdate or age.


Make your data portable. Dock's technology is built on the W3C open standards that govern the use of Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers. This ensures that users can store their credentials on any digital wallet that adheres to these standards and that any stakeholder, wherever they are in the world, can verify the authenticity of the data.

Secure, transparent and user-friendly solutions

Third-party security audits

To ensure the highest level of security and quality, we do periodic third-party security audits on our code bases. This process guarantees our commitment to transparency and trust, reinforcing our dedication to providing secure, reliable, and robust software solutions.

No personal data on the blockchain and GDPR compliant

We prioritize privacy and security, which is why we don’t put personal data on the blockchain. Verifiable Credentials are securely stored in users' Identity Wallet apps. This method ensures that your users maintain complete control and ownership over their personal data, at all times.

Dedicated Support Channels

Through Slack, we establish a direct line of communication between your team and our developers and support team, facilitating responses to your queries and helping you maximize the value of our platform. Our commitment to exceptional service extends beyond simple troubleshooting – we strive to be a true technology partner, providing insights, recommendations, and guidance every step of the way.

Core libraries are open-source

We believe in the power of community, collaboration, and transparency. This openness not only enhances the flexibility and control you have over your solutions, but also serves to uphold and improve the quality, security, and efficiency of our platform.

Verifiable credentials adoption worldwide

California prepares to issue birth, marriage and death certificates as VCs
In 2022, the state of California adopted legislation to issue citizens' vital records using blockchain and Verifiable Credentials to streamline administrative
processes, reduce fraud, and empower individuals.
Utah funds program to issue VCs using blockchain
The pilot program focuses on preventing the unauthorized alteration of electronic records and securing private information for uses cases such as age verification.
LinkedIn launches VC-based workplace verifications
Enables employers to verify employee's workplace to ensure authenticity and trust. By using open standards, these credentials can be used to verify employment on other platforms such as ATSs and HR systems.
elDAS: Requires digital wallets for all EU citizens by 2024
Every EU member state will be legally required to make a Digital Identity Wallet available to every citizen who wants one to enhance cross-border digital interactions and strengthening security measures for electronic transactions.
BC government adopts VCs and digital wallets for citizens and businesses
The government of British Columbia has invested heavily in VCs for various purposes, such as identity verification, access to government services, and proof of vaccination.
EBSI: European trusted data exchange using Verifiable Credentials
The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) is a major effort across 27 EU member states to support
cross-border applications including diplomas, social security, and document traceability.

Create your first Reusable Digital ID today

Turn verified ID data into Reusable Digital ID Credentials, instantly verify their authenticity and get paid when they are verified by third parties.

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