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End document fraud and reduce verifications to seconds

Dock makes any document you issue fraud-proof and allows your stakeholders to instantly and securely verify their authenticity in seconds - making expensive manual verifications disappear.

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“Fraud-proof and can be verified with a single click”
"Sometimes, I ended up hiring people who had a great resume and interviewed well but were not ultimately qualified. My greatest concern was that an unqualified person could harm our patients. What's so important about Dock's Verifiable Credentials is that they are fraud-proof and can be verified with a single click."

Dr. Wendy Charles

Chief Scientific Officer, BurstIQ

Before Dock

Paper and digital documents can be easily manipulated

High risk of fraud, liability and compliance failure

Wasting time on manual verification processes like calling and emailing

Spending money on expensive verification services

After Dock

Protected from fraud

Instant Verification

Save time and money spent on manual verification or third-party services

All your data is secure and trustworthy

How you can create fraud-proof and instantly verifiable documents

1. Signup

You can use Dock's verifiable credentials platform through the Certs web app or via our API. Dock's API will easily integrate with your existing systems, working in the background to make your documents fraud-proof.

2. Issue

Every document you issue will automatically become a fraud-proof and highly-secure digital document. Dock places a unique and invisible cryptographic code inside each document, making it impossible to fake or manipulate - even after it leaves your system

3. Verify

Your users receive the documents and store them in a secure digital wallet app. Your stakeholders, from their verification portal or digital wallet app, will request what documents they need from users, and once received, the authenticity of the data is instantly verified.

Dock is far easier to use than many of the existing tools out there. It can deploy very quickly and it will be very easy for our developers to use the tool.

Amber Hartley

Chief Strategy Officer, BurstIQ


Issue your first fraud-proof and instantly verifiable document today - for free!

Protect your documents from manipulation and ensure that your stakeholders can verify them in seconds and reduce costly manual verification processes.

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