Gravity eliminates Health & Safety certificate fraud with Dock

Photoshopped Health & Safety certificates are a growing concern for hiring companies. Gravity, a Health & Safety training provider, implemented Dock's certification platform to issue fraud-proof, high-security digital certificates and prevent fraud.
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Gravity’s challenges

Gravity Training is a leading training provider of commercial work-at-height solutions in South Africa with an international presence in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India. They offer a range of training courses from Fall Arrest to Fall Protection Plan Development.

Fake Health & Safety certificates are a growing problem in South Africa as many people are photoshopping certifications and presenting them to employers.

Hiring unqualified professionals with fake credentials in high-risk construction work that involves heights, heavy machinery, gas, or mining has clear consequences: it puts lives at risk and makes companies liable for accidents.

Easy to fake

Paper and PDF certificates are very easy to fake. South African Higher Education Minister says that in 2018, almost a 1000 cases of fake qualifications were reported. In the US, it's estimated that 2 million fake degrees have been sold.

Slow verification process

Verifying their authenticity is a slow and manual process, with employers and inspectors having to contact the certificate's issuer to ensure they are valid.

Manual Issuance

Gravity manually issue thousands of yearly certificates for trainees by uploading certifications on their database, which takes time and resources.


How Gravity solved it

To eliminate certificate fraud in the Health & Safety space, Gravity started using Dock's certification platform. Gravity is now able to:

Issue fraud-proof, high-security digital certificates that can be instantly verified.

Automate and digitize the issuance process of thousands of certificates.

Set automated expiration dates on digital certificates.


Impact on Gravity

Instant Verification

Inspectors and employers can easily and instantly verify the authenticity and validity of Gravity's certificates, and removing the administrative overhead required by the institution to confirm the authenticity of credentials.

Prevent Fraud

Prevent forgery of Gravity's certificates, and making them highly trusted in the marketplace.

Save Time and Money

Improve Gravity’s processes and save tremendous amounts of time and money by digitally issuing certificates in bulk. Team members can be redeployed to manage other parts of the organization.


Implement a user-friendly, efficient, future-proof and cost-effective certification solution.

How it works

Dock's certification platform, Certs, enabled Gravity to issue digital certificates with cryptographic signatures (like a permanent stamp!), making them impossible to fake and instantly verifiable.

If you'd like to know more about how Dock uses cryptography to make certificates fraud-proof, you can read our guide to this wonderful technology called Verifiable Credentials.

Gravity integrated with Certs via API to be able to issue certificates from their existing software. However, Certs was built with flexibility in mind.

No-Code Platform: Issue from the web in a few clicks.

API: Integrate with your existing system.

Mobile app: Store and manage certificates (Whitelabel available).

SDK: Store and manage certificates in your existing mobile app.