Migrate your tokens

All DOCK token holders must migrate their ERC20 tokens to Dock’s native tokens BEFORE MARCH 31, 2021

Below are the steps to migrate your DOCK tokens using our migration portal. Please follow the steps carefully and ensure you are comfortable with the process prior to migrating your tokens.

If your tokens are held on an exchange, most exchanges will migrate your tokens on your behalf. Check here to confirm if your exchange is supporting the migration.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at support@dock.io or through our telegram channel or Twitter account.
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Step 1

Create new Dock account

You will need to create a Dock account using an application or wallet that supports the new token. A list of wallets supporting the new Dock token as well as steps to create a new Dock account can be found here.

Step 2

Send ERC-20 tokens

Use any ERC20 compatible wallet to send DOCK tokens to the vault address: 0x0cf75F808479C9e7D61C78F65E997b605160B0AA
Save the transaction hash or use etherscan to find it.

Step 3

Sign Ethereum transaction

Go to https://fe.dock.io/#/token-migration and enter the ethereum transaction hash provided when sending your tokens. You will receive a code (series of characters) to use for signing the transaction. Go to My Crypto and click on Sign & Verify Message. After unlocking the wallet, enter the code for signing into the Message box and click Sign Message.

Step 4

Migrate your tokens

Copy the signature (value of “sig” field in the Signature Box) and go back to the token swap page. Paste this under Signature and click Submit. If successful, you will see a message in green that the migration is being processed.

Watch tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Dock migrating the token?

Dock initially planned to build its protocol using Ethereum and issued the DOCK token using an ERC20 contract. After extensive R&D with Ethereum, the Dock team proposed to move to another network and the community voted to move to the Polkadot interchain ecosystem. Dock has since launched its own blockchain with a mainnet supported by 11 independent validators. As a next step, the Dock token will be migrated from an ERC20 token to a native token on Dock’s blockchain in order to facilitate transactions, reward validators, governance, and eventually staking on the Dock Network.

What is the Dock ERC20 contract address?

Dock’s original ERC20 contract address is 0xe5dada80aa6477e85d09747f2842f7993d0df71c and can be found on Etherscan.

What is the timeline for the token migration?

The Dock token migration began on December 8, 2020, and will continue for three months until midnight (GMT) March 31, 2021. Dock offered an incentive for everyone who migrated their tokens in the first five weeks, more information about the bonus incentives can be found here.

What are the bonus rewards for the token migration?

Dock made two bonus pools available during the first 5 weeks of the migration with 20 million Dock tokens being allocated to the Swap Pool and 5 million to the Vesting Pool.

  • The Swap Pool incentivized migrating early and was shared amongst holders that migrate within the first five weeks.
  • The Vesting Pool rewarded holders who chose to lock 50% of their tokens. After conducting a community vote, the original vesting pool incentive (which had been set to 30 million Dock tokens) was reduced to 5 million tokens, with 25 million tokens being set aside for future community incentives.

More details about the token migration incentives can be found here.

How do I migrate my tokens if they are on an exchange?

If your Dock tokens are held on any of the following exchanges, there is no action required and these exchanges will exchange your tokens on your behalf. Some of the exchanges may not be ready to migrate immediately. You can also choose to move your tokens off the exchange and migrate them on your own through Dock’s migration portal. This list is continuously updated, so we might add more exchanges later:

  • Binance
  • Huobi
  • Kucoin
  • BKEX
  • Gate.io

More information about the supporting exchanges can be found here. If you have questions about migrating with an exchange, please contact the exchange directly. If you hold Dock tokens on an exchange that is not listed here, then you will need to migrate your tokens directly with Dock as described here.

Which wallets support the new DOCK tokens?

ERC20 WALLETS WILL NOT SUPPORT THE NEW DOCK TOKEN, instead holders will have a few options for their new Dock tokens:

  • Parity signer can be used for key storage on a mobile device, for extra security the mobile device should be kept offline.
  • Polkadot-JS app is a well-used and tested browser-based wallet that the Dock team has forked and customized for the Dock network. This is the recommended wallet for most non-technical users.
  • Ledger Nano S is a hard wallet and will be supporting the new Dock token soon, the team is submitting a pull request to Ledger to enable new DOCK tokens to be stored on Ledger Nano S in the coming weeks.

More information and instructions on using these wallets with DOCK tokens can be found here.

How can I check if the migration was successful?

You can check the status of your migration by going to https://fe.dock.io/#/token-migration/status and entering the ethereum address where you sent your ERC20 tokens from and the transaction hash. Once the migration is complete, your new Dock tokens will be available in your new Dock account.