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Dock is an open source network providing infrastructure and tools for issuing verifiable credentials using blockchain technology.
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Dock solves many of today’s
digital credentialing challenges


Dock is a bespoke, one-stop-shop solution for creating decentralized identities (DIDs), creating, managing and presenting credentials.

Self-sovereign identity

No central issuer or provider of identities within the Dock ecosystem. Instead, the issuers control the creation and management of their own identities without the need for a central entity.


Dock is one of few solutions to incorporate standards from the industry-leading World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and VCDM standards facilitating interoperability with other open source technologies.

Open ecosystem

The Dock Network is entirely open source and uses permissive, developer-friendly licenses. The network is comprised of nodes run by independent validators utilizing a staking system that incentivizes them to run the network.


Industry standard and well utilized cryptographic techniques combined with the Dock Blockchain provide clear and tamper-proof audit trails and blockchain anchoring for time-specific data.

Built on Substrate

Dock utilizes Substrate, a framework that enables Dock to adapt and iterate upon solutions rapidly for partners.


Q4 2020
Q3 2020
Security audit
Q3 2020
Validator test network
Q2 2020
Q2 2020
Northill test net
Q4 2020
Token migration to Dock main net
Q3 2020
Main net launch
Q3 2020
Claim deduction
Q2 2020
New Dock non-profit
Q2 2020

Case study

Verifiable is a complete system to issue, verify and monitor credentials. Verifiable connects the healthcare ecosystem of issuing bodies, employers and individuals to provide the industry's fastest real-time license verification and monitoring solutions with proof of verification for compliance needs.

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Web3 Collaboration

We’re proud to be a significant contributor and early adopter of an ecosystem poised to revolutionize the way blockchain technology is used and applied.
During the course of its ongoing development, Dock has partnered with some of the leading minds in the blockchain and web 3.0 community leading to a successful grant from the Web3 Foundation, an organization whose principal focus is research, development, deployment, funding, and maintenance of Web3 technologies.
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Getting Started: Northill test net

These features are accessed via a client SDK that interacts with the Substrate node for Decentralized Identity (DID) CRUD operations and the creation of revocation registries.


  • On-chain identity management
    (Implemented in accordance with the W3C specification)
  • Revocation registry
    (Facilitates the revocation of credentials)
  • Schema
    (Specify the structure and types of the credential's claims with JSON schema)

Download the SDK

Download on NPM
open-source using the BSD 3 clause license

Once the SDK has been downloaded, it can be configured to point to a full node and then the examples can be run against the full node.

Please note, this is an early release of the Dock Network. If you experience any issues, head over to our Riot chat for support