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How to Create and Manage DIDs From the Dock Wallet

Updated on
August 7, 2023

These are step-by-step instructions on how to create and manage your DIDs from the Dock Wallet.

Create a DID

  1. Select DIDs at the bottom of your wallet and click on the + sign on the top right of the screen.
  1. Select Create New DID.

3. Name your DID like educational credentials, NFTs, IDs etc. and select Create.

  1. Choose a DID type. Difference between the two keys:



Free to create this type of DID

Costs tokens to create this type of DID

DID isn’t stored anywhere

DID is stored on the blockchain

Will later have the capability to support several key pairs so you can choose which key pair to apply such as using different keys for different applications while still using the same DID.

  1. Select Create after selecting did:key for example and naming it.

For the advanced options for developers:

  • Schnorrkel (sr25519, recommended): Determines what cryptography will be used to create this account. Note that to validate on Polkadot, the session account must use “ed25519”.
  • Secret deviation path: You can set a custom derivation path for this account using the following syntax “/<soft-key>//<hard-key>”. The “/<soft-key>” and “//<hard-key>” may be repeated and mixed. An optional “///<password>” can be used with a mnemonic seed, and may only be specified once.
  1. did:key is created.

  1. This is the next step if you select did:dock. Name your DID and select the DID Payment Account. If you have multiple accounts, you will see an extra field on this screen for you to choose which account to use to pay for the DID.
  1. Select Confirm.
  1. You now have a new DID!

Export a DID

  1. Click on the three dots of the DID you want to export and click Export DID.
  1. Create a password.
  1. Choose where you want to send your DID.

Import a DID

If your DID was created somewhere else like Dock Certs, you can export a DID and later import it into the Dock Wallet.

  1. Click on the three dots of the DID you want to import and click Import existing DID.
  1. Select the DID JSON file. A JSON file is a file that stores simple data structures and objects in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format, which is a standard data interchange format.
  1. Enter your wallet password.
  1. Enter a DID name like “online shopping.”
  1. Your DID has successfully been imported.

Edit a DID

  1. Select the three dots for the DID you want to edit and select Edit DID.
  1. Enter a DID name and press Save.
  1. The DID name has been edited.

Delete a DID

1: Select the three dots for the DID you want to delete and select Delete DID.

  1. Select Delete.

Copy/Share a DID

  1. Click Share.

2: Copy the DID and share it where you want.