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Create Verifiable Fraud-Proof Data with one API call

The Dock Certs Verifiable Credentials API easily integrates with your system and data sources, automatically working in the background to make your data fraud-proof and instantly verifiable.

Create Fraud-Proof Data

Protect documents, certificates and credentials from manipulation and instantly verify their authenticity.

Get To Market Up To 6 Times Faster

Building with the Dock Certs API will get you to market up to 6 times faster than when creating a Verifiable Credentials solution from zero—no blockchain or cryptography knowledge is required.

Build Verifiable Credential and Decentralized Identity Solutions

The Dock Certs API simplifies the creation of secure, decentralized digital identities and credentials so that you can focus more time on building your innovative solution.

One API to end data fraud

The Dock Certs API uses a combination of cryptography and blockchain to automatically turn your data, documents and credentials into a fraud-proof data format called Verifiable Credentials.
Issue Verifiable Credentials
Set automatic expiration dates and remotely revoke the validity of credentials
Put a proof of issuance on the blockchain (anchoring)
Send data, documents and credentials directly to users’ identity wallet apps
Enable advanced privacy features such as Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Selective Disclosure
Backup encrypted data to the cloud
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

One API to Instantly Verify User Data

You can instantly verify any document or credential from your users' Wallets through Verification Requests created with the Dock Certs API.
Set up Verification Request Templates
Define what data you need to request
Send the Verification QR Code to your users
Enable Wallet-to-Wallet verification and Verification on the Web
The users scan the Verification QR Code with their wallets, and the credentials' authenticity is verified in seconds

Less than 4 hours to integrate

Dock simplifies the integration process for developers, removing any need to understand complex blockchain or cryptography processes. With a few common REST protocols and simple authorization schemes, access to verifiable fraud-proof data has never been easier!


Dock uses W3C open standards such as Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers, which allows the Dock Certs API to interoperate with other wallets and verification services using the same standards.

Key Management

Dock handles all the cryptographic key management, so you don't have to spend time building it. Dock simplified the cryptographic processes, so all you need to do is determine what data you want to issue as a Verifiable Credential. We make sure that it's signed properly with your keys.


With the Dock Certs API, powerful cloud technology meets customized scalability. No matter how much your needs grow, our API keeps up with you - designed from the very beginning to ensure maximum performance and flexibility.

Fixed Costs and Built-in Token Management

Interacting with the Dock Blockchain requires tokens, but when using Dock's API, your costs will be fixed and won't fluctuate according to the token price. Dock's built-in token management service ensures you don't need to worry about tokens when you want to scale blockchain transactions. We do that for you.

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Dock is far easier to use than many of the existing tools out there. It can deploy very quickly and it will be very easy for our developers to use the tool.

Amber Hartley
Chief Strategy Officer, BurstIQ
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Start issuing Verifiable Credentials today

Dock’s Verifiable Credentials Platform makes your data fraud‑proof and allows your stakeholders to verify its authenticity in seconds - making expensive, time‑consuming, and manual verification processes disappear.