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Make any document fraud-proof and instantly verifiable

Using Dock’s verifiable credentials platform, you’ll automatically place a unique and invisible cryptographic code inside each document, making it impossible to fake or manipulate - even after it leaves your system. Issue from the Dock Certs web app or your existing system with Dock’s API. Verify them anywhere.

No credit card required

One platform to end document fraud

Issue on the Certs web app

Dock Certs uses a combination of cryptography and blockchain to automatically turn your data, documents and credentials into a fraud-proof data format called Verifiable Credentials.
Issue Verifiable Credentials
Set automatic expiration dates and remotely revoke the validity of credentials
Send data, documents and credentials directly to users’ identity wallet apps
Put a proof of issuance on the blockchain (anchoring)
Enable advanced privacy features such as Selective Disclosure
Design your documents and credentials
Upload recipient lists
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Issue from your system via Dock’s REST API

All it takes to make a document fraud-proof is one API call.

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What documents can you make fraud-proof?

Every document. Our clients have made academic and training certificates, supply chain documentation, healthcare and workforce credentials into fraud-proof documents.

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One scan to verify

You can instantly verify any document or credential from your users' Wallets through Verification Requests created with Dock Certs.


Set up Verification Request Templates
Define what data you need to request
Send the Verification QR Code to your users
Enable Wallet-to-Wallet Verification and Verification on the Web
The users scan the Verification QR Code with their wallets, and the credentials' authenticity is verified in seconds
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Wallet-to-wallet verification

Your stakeholders can import the Verification QR Code to the Dock Wallet to enable Wallet-to-Wallet Verification. Users can scan the Verification QR Code directly from the Verifier’s wallet.

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Verify on the web

Your stakeholders can display the Verification QR Code on the web using a URL that holders can scan with their Dock Wallets.

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Verification with privacy and security

Data privacy and security are more important than ever to ensure compliance and reduce liabilities. That’s why Dock’s instant verification process includes the most advanced privacy features.

Anonymous Credentials

When submitting a document for verification, users can prove something about themselves without revealing the data contained in the documents. For example, a user can prove she is more than 18 without revealing her birthdate or age. Dock enables this through a cryptography technique called Zero-Knowledge Proofs. (coming soon)

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Selective Disclosure

When users submit a document for verification, they can share one part of the document without submitting the entire document. For example, a student could share the name of his university from his Student Card without sharing his name or student number.

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Data Minimisation

Regulations such as GDPR require the minimization of data processing. This means that organizations are obligated to only use, collect, or access data necessary for the intended operation. Through the use of privacy-preserving techniques such as Anonymous Credentials and Selective Disclosure, you'll be able to access only the minimum data necessary from your users. Ensuring you're compliant with data regulations and reducing the risk of potential data breaches.

Data Portability

Documents issued through Dock are portable. Dock's technology is built on W3C open standards such as Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers. This ensures that users can store their documents on any digital wallet that adheres to these standards and that any stakeholder, wherever they are in the world, can verify the authenticity of the data as long as their verification system adheres to these standards.

Start issuing Verifiable Credentials today

Dock’s Verifiable Credentials Platform makes your data fraud‑proof and allows your stakeholders to verify its authenticity in seconds - making expensive, time‑consuming, and manual verification processes disappear.

"We are confident that Dock is able to support us in scaling up our projects regarding SSI solutions within government and beyond"

Marc Minnee

CEO, ovrhd