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Dock is a network that provides developers with the infrastructure and tooling to build applications for issuing and verifying credentials on blockchain that are standards compliant, scalable, and affordable.

In addition to issuing, Dock continues to release a number of features for developers including creating Decentralized Identities (DIDs), revoking credentials, interoperability, claims deduction, blockchain anchoring and more.

The Dock Network is entirely open source and uses permissive, developer-friendly licenses. Dock is committed to always remaining open source and publicly available to promote innovation and adoption across industries and use cases.

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The Certs app enables educational institutes to issue verifiable credentials on the Dock Network that represent students’ accomplishments in a format that is easily shareable and verifiable throughout their careers.

By leveraging Dock’s blockchain technology, Certs ensures that the credentials will continue to be verifiable even if the issuing institution ceases to exist. Since credentials issued via Dock adhere to industry standards, these digital records will easily transfer to job application systems and professional profiles providing ongoing value for students well beyond their graduation.

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Claim Deduction
and Biometrics Demo

Dock has created a demo to show that our claim deduction feature, facial recognition, and verifiable credentials can be used together to cryptographically verify a subject's age, eliminating the need for manual checks.

It is typically necessary to manually verify credentials when they involve faces. For example, when buying an age-restricted item (e.g., beer) from a store, a customer would present an ID to the cashier, who needs to manually compare the picture on the ID with the customer’s face to ensure that they match. This step introduces friction and inaccuracies in the process, and creates unnecessary physical contact that could be dangerous in this age of a global pandemic.

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Dock has created what we believe to be the world’s first universal verifier for World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards credentials.

W3C is an international community developing open standards across the web. This specification provides a format for expressing credentials that are secure, privacy respecting and cryptographically authenticated. W3C standard credentials can be issued via Dock and the verifier is open source, free to use and publicly available.

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Verifiable is transforming processes in the healthcare industry by providing a platform for issuing, monitoring, and verifying workforce credentials.

By partnering with Dock, Verifiable enables their customers to issue secure, compliant credentials via blockchain which are cryptographically secured, individually-owned and universally verifiable. The recipients of these medical licenses can easily share digital credentials for instant verification by any hospital, clinic or medical department where they would like to work. In addition, credentials can be continuously monitored to ensure ongoing compliance.

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